COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates aids distressed Los Angeles, California homeowner who was unable to financially support their mortgage payments with a permanent loan modification, in the course of a pandemic, reducing their interest rates by half.   

During the midst of COVID-19, Mrs. Acientuno was financially struggling after her work had to lay off more than half of her hours, leaving her unable to financially maintain her portion of the mortgage payments. Additionally, her husband, Mr. Acientuno had an accident constraining him out of work, and leaving him disabled. Now the two are financially grappled and incompetent of making mortgage payments.

After countless unsuccessful attempts getting a bridge loan or litigation, Mr. and Mrs. Acientuno turned to NonProfit Alliance of Consumer Advocates for aid getting a loan modification. The Nonprofit Advocate Legal Clinic, through its Senior Legal Services Director Attorney Peter Nisson, focuses on helping struggling homeowners avoid becoming homeless through foreclosure by offering completely free legal Loan Modification assistance and added supplemental expert Loss Mitigation strategies.

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, is also a Financial Literacy division of the faith-based 'Serve All Help All' and holds a 501 C3 credential issued by the Federal Government.

Processor, Ana Cruz, worked endlessly with Mr. and Mrs. Acientuno to get them a loan modification suitable for their commiseration. After setting out a loan modification for the couple, Ana was a successfully able to get the homeowners a permanent loan modification lowering their monthly payments from $757.00 to $378.00 and reducing their interest rate from 10.5% to 4.7%, sanctioning Mr. and Mrs. Acientuno their home mortgage comfortably and affordably.

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates also helps those already homeless by asking its clients to voluntarily donate bags of canned goods and nonperishables in exchange for its completely free pre-foreclosure assistance and make voluntary donations to Veterans OC outreach upon being successful in obtaining their clients a loan modification. Veterans OC helps feed and house homeless U.S. Veterans. Some of those U.S vets were previously homeless and now employed through the Nonprofit clinic. 

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates main goal is to properly inform you of all viable options available to you to avoid continued hardship that can result in foreclosure. To provide you with enough information and resources to make the best long-term decision for you and your family. Visit them at


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