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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In the Spring of 2020, the economic impact of COVID-19 started hitting brick-and-mortar businesses hard nationwide when they were mandated to close.

"We need help," one driving school manager told CyberActive. "Parents won't let their kids come to our classes and the DMV's are closed so teens can't take their driving test."  It was then that Sharon Ourian, CEO and President of CyberActive, realized that her company could help keep these schools in business.

"In light of the restrictions and closures placed on in-person training facilities due to COVID-19, CyberActive is providing school districts and traditional driving schools a way to continue offering their students quality driver education, virtually," said Ourian.

In May of 2020, CyberActive unveiled its plan to help driving schools continue to deliver driver education classes to their students via its white label solution, which enabled driving schools to enroll new students and administer the driver education course on a platform resembling their own website.  This meant they could maintain their brand and set their own prices instead of referring their students to a different website with a traditional affiliate model. CyberActive also waived all account setup and licensing fees.

The response was overwhelming.  Driving school owners from all over the country began contacting CyberActive to participate and offer their own online driver education courses.

CyberActive is proud to provide hundreds of driving schools with a viable and, in some cases, free online replacement for classroom instruction and looks forward to continuing to grow its network of driving school and school district clientele in 2021.

To learn more about how CyberActive is helping fuel driver safety programs across the country, visit To learn more about Sharon Ourian visit her LinkedIn profile or Instagram at @SharonOurian

About CyberActive:

CyberActive pioneered the online driver safety education industry in 1999. It offers programs directly to consumers as well as through partnerships with driving schools, high schools, courts, insurance companies, businesses and other entities seeking turn-key online driver safety programs and/or SaaS for their own programs. To date, the company has served more than 6 million drivers in all 50 states.


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