PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- K-12 financial education market leader Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) brings multi-year access to Nearpod's interactive instructional platform to 1,500 personal finance teachers and over 1.5 million students. To further support personal finance educators, NGPF has also converted its popular 9-Week and One-Semester Personal Finance Courses into Nearpod lessons in the new NGPF Nearpod Collection, available on the NGPF website.

NEFE research shows that relevant and engaging curriculum with active learning strategies are key elements to the effectiveness of personal finance instruction. That's why NGPF converted a portion of its Personal Finance Courses into Nearpod lessons, merging formative assessment and dynamic media to create engaging learning experiences. A typical NGPF lesson in the collection utilizes varied engagement strategies by incorporating Nearpod's features such as Quizzes, Open-Ended Questions and more into its content.

In addition, the platform affords educators the flexibility to deliver multimedia lessons in-person, remotely and in hybrid settings. Popular lessons in the collection include:

  • Why Should I Invest?
  • How Credit Cards Work
  • Budgeting 101

The evidence of comprehensive financial education's impact on long-term financial behaviors is overwhelmingly positive. Graduates who were required to take personal finance courses in high school are:

"Next Gen Personal Finance provides thousands of teachers with resources to bring personal finance education to students," stated Jennie Kristoffersen, Chief Strategic Officer at Nearpod. "By transforming their existing content with Nearpod, it's now even more engaging, as students dig into everything from taxes to paying for higher education and more."

"Nearpod and NGPF's partnership has allowed personal finance teachers all over the country to feel prepared for this unprecedented school year," said Tori Mansfield, Senior Project Manager at NGPF. "Even though some educators are teaching remotely, they have been able to use Nearpod's platform to keep students engaged and NGPF's curriculum to keep students learning."

Here's what teachers are saying about the support from this partnership:

  • "I feel so much more prepared than my colleagues seem to be all because of the time I have spent with NGPF this summer and because of the Nearpod grant I received from you. I am ready to teach." - Mary Miller of Centre School (KS)
  • "Our school is a blended mix right now with some students in person and some remote depending on the day. Today I used my first Nearpod lesson and it was a HUGE success!" - Teresa Gruver of Lanier Christian Academy (GA)
  • "Such a lifesaver during this time period. NGPF lessons, the training, the Nearpod us teachers more than we need to be successful!" - Laura Stroka of Bridgewater-Raritan High School (NJ)

To use NGPF's lessons built with Nearpod in your classroom, go to:

About Next Gen Personal Finance
Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), has become the "one-stop shop" for more than 40,000 financial educators looking for high-quality, engaging curriculum to equip students with skills to thrive in their future. More than seventy percent (70%) of U.S. high school students attend a school where a teacher is using NGPF's personal finance curriculum.

In addition to curriculum, NGPF invests deeply in teachers, providing more than 100,000 hours of professional development since March of 2020. NGPF has been recognized by Common Sense Education as a Top Website for Teachers to Find Lesson Plans and a top pick in their Best Business and Finance Games category. NGPF and the community of personal finance educators has committed to Mission 2030, that is, by 2030 all high school students will cross the graduation stage having taken a one semester personal finance course.

About Nearpod
Nearpod offers an interactive, instructional platform that merges formative assessment and dynamic media for live and self-paced learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Nearpod is a device-agnostic platform that engages students with activities such as Virtual Reality, PhET simulations and Desmos, and features more than 8,500 ready-to-run interactive lessons and videos created in partnership with leading brands like Common Sense Education and Smithsonian. In 2019, Nearpod acquired Flocabulary, a learning platform that engages students in academically rigorous K-12 curriculum while promoting literacy through hip-hop videos. Together, Nearpod and Flocabulary reach educators in the 100 largest school districts in the US. In 2018, Nearpod was named EdTech Digest's Company of the Year. To learn more, visit

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