SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sound Agriculture (Sound) released the results of field trials in corn that took place from 2017-2019 using Source™, a new product that activates soil microbes to give plants access to nitrogen and phosphorus that exists in the environment in unavailable forms. Results show that growers using Source can expect an average yield increase of 8.6 bushels per acre, an 85% win rate and positive ROI 76% of the time.* A number of growers participating in the trials saw yield increases of over 20 bushels per acre.

By mimicking natural plant-to-microbe signals that initiate nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilization, Source gives crops access to these vital nutrients. University trials also showed that Source can maintain and improve yields with less applied nitrogen. The product offers growers a new tool to support on-farm productivity, profitability and sustainability efforts. 

"Source works differently than any other product available today, helping growers maximize the potential in their fields through improved nutrient availability," says Travis Bayer, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Sound. "Providing growers with products that can be used to achieve both sustainability and profitability goals is what we aim to deliver, and we are happy to see that Source can be a valuable tool to meet those objectives."

Source was designed to be easy to use and integrate into current management practices. Applied as a foliar spray, it is compatible with most tank mixtures, has a well understood mode of action and low use rate, and offers a flexible application window from post-emergence through tassel. The product has shown consistent and reliable performance across all major corn-producing areas in the United States. Farms using sustainable management practices, such as conservation tillage, and those with higher organic matter and overall soil health, have also shown strong performance.

Source is available now for the 2020 growing season. Visit or call 1-833-SOUND20 (833-768-6320) for more information.

Sound Agriculture creates reliable and effective tools that increase crop production, improve food quality and reduce food waste. By developing products that disrupt traditional input-intensive techniques, Sound helps growers do more with less, while supporting production, profitability and sustainability goals.

*ROI assumes net corn price of $3.70 bu/acre, Source investment of $11/acre, and is based on 3 years of data on 74 locations. 

About Sound Agriculture
Sound Agriculture uses the power of science to design reliable and effective tools that enable sustainability across the agriculture value chain. Breakthrough discoveries about plant and environmental interactions have led to cutting-edge tools that tackle some of today's biggest agriculture challenges. Sound's first product, Source™, helps plants access existing nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil to provide in-season nutrition. Source provides a more economical, sustainable and environmentally sound solution for crop productivity. Learn more at and follow @sound_ag on Twitter.



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