USA Cabernet adds a little sophistication to any summer celebration.

LODI, Calif., May 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- This year's Memorial Day gathering may look different than previous years. But for those planning small, intimate cookouts with just a few friends, the perfect pairing for grilling on the backyard patio is USA CABERNET. This bold, easy-drinking cabernet from Lodi, CA-based winery Scotto Cellars helps kick off summer with aromas of blackberry and black currant, followed by rich fruit flavors and notes of the Star Spangled Banner.

USA CABERNET adds a little sophistication to any summer celebration. It complements many classic American cookout dishes: honey barbecue ribs, sizzling NY strip steaks, glazed pork chops and gourmet cheeseburgers and is widely available at supermarkets and neighborhood liquor stores.

"Memorial Day celebrations call for a wine pairing that goes well with the meal," says Anthony Scotto III, CEO of Scotto Cellars. "While most people think of kicking off summer with a beer, a good cabernet actually complements steaks, chops and cheeseburgers much better."

The USA CABERNET brand is a unique partnership between The Hucksters, a creative boutique ad agency in Houston and Scotto Cellars, a fifth-generation Lodi winery. A print ad for the brand describes it as "Rumored to be made from Red, White & Blue grapes." And the brand's tag line is "This wine is your wine."

Launched at the beginning of 2019, USA CABERNET has been the fastest-growing new wine brand in the history of Scotto Cellars. It's available all over the country and last year picked up a Gold Medal locally at the California State Fair. Summer 2020 will also see the introduction of an additional brand: USA DRY ROSÉ; scheduled to be on supermarket shelves in time for 4th of July.

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